Welcome to a new adventure in my journey to spread quilty goodness throughout the world. Online quilting classes are not new to the Internet but the way I do them is VERY NEW.

As I traveled across the United States a couple of years ago, I learned there are many, many quilters who just don't have the ability to attend a workshop or a classroom by high-quality teachers locally. It's too far away, or the class isn't offered at a convenient time. There is always a reason NOT to take a class -- until now.


Fans of the podcast have asked me for years, "Annie, why don't you make a quilt class that we can take from our homes?" I'm sure these people are thinking about a class-in-a-book format, or at least, a block of the month pattern set. I, however, thought much bigger than that. In MY classes, I want to give my students the best experience possible. People can often improve the way they learn by seeing the a skill demonstrated and get feedback from the teacher that they are doing it correctly. A book doesn't provide that.


With the magic of online learning techniques, and a little effort from some knowledgeable people, I am able to finally produce a classroom that will allow me to interact with students. Enter Quilting Stash Classroom!

You will have access to templates and patterns, to written instruction combined with online video demonstrations to make sure you can see how to make the projects I have in mind, the way you should do them. You will also have opportunity to send me images of your work and to speak with me directly via online chat forums. If you have questions, I'll be able to show you via streaming video how to fix your problems -- all through Quilting Stash Classroom.


Our next class is about to begin - as soon as you're ready to start! So what's stopping you?