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Exploring Fabric Choices Online Workshop and Class

Registration is now closed for this class. Please visit the main classroom page to see when Exploring Fabric Choices Online Workshop will be offered again.

This class is a two part program of lecture and workshop. In the online video, you will sit-in on a workshop session and watch as we discuss the elements of good quilt design by making excellent fabric choices. This is the same lecture and discussion I facilitate during a live workshop session in quilt guilds around the nation. You should note, the workshop we taped for this online class was real. We had real students, in a real classroom, asking real questions. Our recording was less than optimum because of our location -- I hope you forgive us for that -- because what we captured was a wonderful experience that I have been hoping to share with my online students for years!

We apply some rules (guidelines actually) and you have a chance to practice what you are taught. I won't tell you everything so that you too can have the eye-opening revelation that students who attend this workshop have been having for years: it's nothing short of amazement.

The second part of this program is creating a project -- the Exploring Fabric Choices quilt -- often called the building blocks quilt. You will apply your new-found knowledge to make excellent color selections to enliven the blocks and make them pop right off the quilt. When making the project quilt you will learn,

•    Expert fabric selection
•    Design tips to bring depth and vibrance to your fabric and layout
•    Efficient and accurate fabric cutting technique
•    How to piece precisely
•    Easy and competition-level sashing and border construction
•    Much more!

By popular request, I am making this workshop and project available for a limited time. Your $85 dollar registration fee includes all access to the online videos for thirty days. All online tutorial instruction, permission to download the Exploring Fabric Choices Workbook, access to Annie's bi-weekly online video chat where you can ask questions about what you have learned, and discuss with other students online.

This class will only be offered for a limited time online before it goes into our archives.

During the class, I will host an online video chat where you can see me and speak with me directly via text chat and I will reply and demonstrate on live video. With live video, I will be able to demonstrate examples to answer questions about your quilt.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up NOW!

I'm doing a GIVEAWAY for those who sign up for the class...!

For the first TEN registrants, I will send you the ten fat quarters you will need for the quilt, personally picked from my stash of gorgeous fabrics. And YOU get to pick the color you want. Believe me, I have gorgeous fat quarters. Here's a sneak peek at my fat quarter stash:

Pretty nice, right? And - if I don't have the right fabric to put together your set of ten, I will dive into my folded yardage to add just what you need to create a gorgeous quilt.


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